Vivaldi Orchestra Praga chamber ensemble

Vivaldi orchestra Praga is one of the most important Czech ensembles, which have chosen to follow the path of authentic early music interpretation.

   This ensemble consists of the best players on period instruments in Bohemia, who keep trying by continuous study of archive materials to find and connect as many details of actual information as possible, which represent the key to an understanding of the spiritual heritage of the past.

The foundation repertoire of the VIVALDI ORCHESTRA PRAGA are the compositions of  Antonio Vivaldi, but also many other examples of Czech and world baroque music. Represented in the repertoire are solo works (for violin, violoncello, recorder or traverso, harpsichord, theorbo), vocal compositions and various configurations of orchestral music. The players use all instruments in baroque form.

   The VIVALDI ORCHESTRA PRAGA tries to maintain all atributes of authenticity by utilizing period music materials, instruments, bows, gut strings, old  tunings and methods of completion of parts by ornamentation.  Its goal is to interpret the music as it was performed by the best professionals of its period, with an entire range of effects and variation skills.

   This ensemble has performed many successful concerts with its wide repertoire. Members of the ensemble have recorded many CD´s especially for the Japanese companies PONY CANYON, EXTON and the Czech firms OLIVERIUS and ARTA RECORDS…