Václav Návrat violin

A leading member of the Czech early music scene. He studied modern violin at the Conservatory in Ostrava and the Academy of Music in Prague (graduated in 1988). He is the last pupil of Mr. Josef Sochor, inheritor of the old Czech violin school of O. Ševčík and J. Kocian, the initiate, who saved the tradition of virtuoso playing on gut strings from the big classical violinists.

Already during his studies Václav Návrat became a member of chamber ensemble of Czech Philharmonic – the Prague Madrigalists, and this was only the beginning of his lifelong fascination for early music. Now, after years spent in archives, and by listening to recordings of early music, he is the favoured baroque violin soloist and leader of several ensembles. Besides the Ancient Consort Praha he formed the vocal – instrumental group Musica Divina Praga, Beethoven string trio, Vivaldi Orchestra Praga and Beethoven orchestra Praga. With his ensembles he recorded about 30 CDs.

Václav Návrat studied music composition privately. He is author of many arrangements, especially for stringed instruments. He is an owner of RITUART studio, which is enwolved in creating of multi-layered computer music. He wrote many violin compositions and songs, and recorded several original CD’s  (Thinking Ear, Paradise Chill-out, Alchymia, God’s Names, Hell and Paradise, Art of Return).

Václav Návrat also paints psychedelic pictures and writes essays about music and life.