Ondřej Šmíd tenor

Soloist of Prague cathedral, popular tenor for his unique clear timbre and natural expression, focuses mainly on early spiritual music of baroque period. 

Study at prof. Jiri Kotouc, muzicology at Masaryk University in Brno, early music interpretation courses: Howard Crook, Gérard Lesne, Julie Hassler,Irena Wilke- Troupova, Nicki Kennedy, Andrew King, Wilfried Staufenbiel, Marcin Bornus Szczycinski, Helmut Franke.

Collaboration and recording with: Prague Cathedral Choir, Prague Catherdral Soloists, baroque ensembles Capella Regia and Musica Florea, Czech Madrigalists, Harmonia Delectabilis, Cantores Pragenses, Collegium Strahoviense, With conductors and leaders: J. Ksica, R. Hugo, F.X. Thuri, L.Vendl, J. Stivin, V. Roubal, T. Cechal, J. Svejkovsky.

Performances and festivals: as a soloist with Prague Cathedral Choir - Canto Gregoriano e Polifonia (Italy), Musica Liturgica (Izrael), Prague Spring Festival, with Capella Regia Praha and Musica Florea Baroque Nigh – baroque operas in the castle theatre in Cesky Krumlov, other festivals like Concentus Moraviae, Song of Our Roots (Jaroslaw, Poland), St. Wenceslas Festivities (Prague).