Eve Quartet chamber ensemble

Eve Quartet was founded in 2002 by four young women. From the beginnig they were focused on connecting through different styles and genres. Their repertoir involves both the best classical pieces and swing music.

They are often working together with popular musicians. Great experience for them was cooperation with world - famous guitar player Tommy Emmanuel during the festival Guitar Across Styles in 2008.

Last year they were invited to participate on the adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall with Filip Benešovský and others excellent czech musicians.

Important person for their progress was Břetislav Novotný, the first violinist of Prague String Quartet.

Eve Quartet plays regularly in Prague and all over the Czech Republic. The last three years they were performing in stage play Intimate letters (Leoš Janáček) which was ushered in the National Theatre in Prague. They also cooperate with famous czech mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková.

The members of the Eve Quartet perform also as soloists and plays in the others chamber ensembles. They are members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra.